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Regulations :


Senior men, senior women, junior men, junior women, masters men (M35-) and masters women (W35-). Only one masters category for men and for women, age graded points will be used.  


Two best scores of five possible competitions will be counted for a competitor. Women can do either Tetradecathlon or Icosathlon. Icosathlon points will be equalized to Tetradecathlon points by multiplying factor 0,75.


If a junior or a master aged athlete competes with senior implements and has a winning score in the senior men/women category, he/she will be the winner of the senior category and the second-best in his/her actual category will be the winner of the juniors or masters category. This rule considers especially the W19, W35 and M35 categories where the implements and hurdles heights are the same as in seniors category.

Final standings

- 2004

- 2005

- 2006

- 2007

- 2008  [not officially contested]

- 2009  [cancelled]

- 2010 


- 2011  [not officially contested]


- 2012 


- 2013


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