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The headquarter of the International Association for Ultra Multievents is located in the city of Espoo, in Finland.

To contact us, please select an e-mail address in your language :



Primary Contacts

In Finnish & English :
risto.karasmaa [at] icosathlon.net

In French & English :
cedric.bouele [at] icosathlon.com

Others Contacts

In Czech & English :
klvana [at] szdc.cz


In Dutch & English :
marnixengels [at] yahoo.co.uk

In English (USA) :
track [at] liberty.edu

In German & English :
mruthe [at] web.de

In Japanese & English :
yuki.mayu.natsu-sasano2.08 [at] nifty.com

In Norwegian, Dutch & English :
roland.tillaar [at] svt.ntnu.no




Photos & Videos


Contact Reinhardt Engert (mucki-farm [at] gmx.de) to order photos and videos of multi competitions which he was involved.

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