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N E W S :
Next competition : 26th IAUM World Championships, 26-27th August 2017, Turnhout (BEL)
14.09.2016 : Here are the results of the 15th Dutch icosathlon of Delft (10-11.09.2016).
14.09.2016 : Heiko Strüber has kindly updated all-time lists for Masters Men, including M50-54 in Delft. Have a look on the Outdoor TOP Lists page.
30.08.2016 : 6th IAUM European Championships in Cambridge, 27-28th August 2016.
 Opening ceremony on Friday, August 26th.
                      --> Full Results <--
M U18 :1. Davis JamesGBR6228 pts
M U20 :1. Van Hastenberg BramNED7627
 2. Italiano DarioITA4001
M U23 :1. Stanley AlastairGBR11464
 2. Daburon ThomasFRA8606
 3. Casagrande GabrieleITA6954
SM :1. Schewalje AndreasGER11188
 2. Francq AnthonyFRA10172
 3. Bouele CédricSUI7567
M 35 :1. McGlynn TrevorIRL5319
 2. Hund AndreasGER4692
M 40 :1. Purdon DavidAUS (guest)9209
M 45 :1. Ness ChrisGBR8467
 2. Stiegler MarkusGER8417
M 50 :1. Vanhanen TuomoFIN10159
 2. Kililea TonyGBR9389
 3. Van de Vreken LucBEL8348
M 60 :1. Helander JuhaFIN12057
M 65 :1. Essex AdrianGBR11548 WR*
 2. Penndorf JorgGER11396
 3. Engert ReinhardtGER7742
W U18 :1. Putkiranta LauraFIN5813
SW :1. Schott MarenGER8181
 2. Berkhof JannekeNED7697
 3. Schewalje SophiaGER4700
W 35 :1. Straub KarinGER7201
W 45 :1. Dickinson JanetGBR7161
 2. Hillmann BarbaraGER3465
W 50 :1. Andries GerdaBEL9137
*Adrian Essex (11,548) and Jorg Penndorf (11,396) both break the world record for M65 Icosathlon at Cambridge European Championships on 27th and 28th August 2016.
25.08.2016 : New Icosathlon on October 2016, 6-7, at Liberty University, Virginia, USA. Brant Tolsma will aim for the age 65 WR ! More information : bctolsma [at] liberty.edu
04.07.2016 : Results and photos of the one-day icosathlon (Heiloo, NED) are available here.
04.06.2016 : The 26th IAUM World Championships will take place in Turnhout (Belgium) in August 2017 ! The exact date will be known as soon as possible.
13.04.2016 : Here are the results of the 3rd IAUM World Indoor Championships & 10th Tetradecathlon (9-10th April 2016 in Helsinki).
22.04.2015 : Ashley Pritchard has created a wonderful android app about a score calculator for a lot of multievents. Available here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cheshireaa.cescoring
15.04.2015 : Here are the results of the one-day tetradecathlon of Helsinki (April, 12th).
11-12.10.2014 : 1st IAUM Asian Championships in Katsuura (Japan). --> Results.

06.10.2014 : Maren Schott has updated 2014 women statistics.
05.09.2014 : Here are the results of the 13th Dutch Double Decathlon : http://20kamp.wordpress.com/results/
07.09.2014 : Follow in live the IAUM European Championships in Lodi (Italy) here : http://www.atleticafanfulla.it/icosathlon/
01.09.2014 : Sorry for commercial advertisements on this website. My webhost wants me to pay for removing them !
24.05.2014 : Maren Schott has updated all indoor statistics (national, area & world records). They will be soon updated with 1000m and heptathlon results. Thank you Maren !   
The 2nd IAUM World Indoor Championships (8th Tetradecathlon of Helsinki) has been a full success ! Congratulations to everyone and thanks to the organizers ! Provisional results
If anyone has more photos for this album (about missing podiums for example), could you send me some please ?
DSC07305  DSC07307
1500m start
DSC07310  DSC07315

15.03.2014 : A new website is online about the One-Hour Decathlon (''speed decathlon'') which will be held on 27th September 2014 in Hampshire county (GBR). Entries will open in May. [Contact]
01.02.2014 : 
Maren Schott has created a new German Corner with German statistics for all those who are interested.
01.01.2014 : Statistician Lukas van der Storm has updated the MEN TOP-100 List by event !
2014 Calendar is under discussion. There will probably be no outdoor world championships.
Otherwise, the 5th IAUM European Championships will take place in Italy, 6-7th September 2014. 

12th Ultra Multievents of Delft (NED), 14-15th September 2013
03.09.2013 : Maren Schott (World Champion 2013 and IAUM Statistician) has updated the World Champions list. Next lists will follow soon...
Last competition : 24th IAUM World Championships in Yeovil (GBR),
                           Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 August 2013
                                    > RESULTS <

12.08.2013 : Maren Schott has updated 3 files on this page :
                   - MEN World Records
                   - MEN World Records Comparison
                   - WOMEN World Records Comparison

Last competition : 1st Italian Icosathlon,   Lodi (near Milan),   20-21st July 2013  
                           1st DAY RESULTS  +  2nd DAY RESULTS            > Photos <
2013 Lodi

24.06.2013 :
Ian Thomas, statistician of  the ‘’British Masters Athletic Federation’’ has kindly produced 20 new scoring tables for masters categories. In addition to the 20 regular events, he added the 3 specific indoor events (60m, 60H, WT). Have a look on his work at ‘’Scoring Tables’’ page and thank you very much Mr Thomas !


Previous competition :   One-day ultra multievents,   25th May 2013,   Helsinki

07.04.2013 :          7th indoor Tetradecathlon of Helsinki
                                                      Final results
DSC05966.JPG  DSC05976.JPG
08.04.2013 : in the Senior age categories, the World records of men and women have been beaten by respectively Jérôme D'Heygere (Belgium) and Maren Schott (Germany) !
Previous record : 8421 points by Marnix Engels (NED) in 2010Previous record : 6485 points by Jenni Molloy (GBR) in 2009
New record : 8466* points by Jérôme D'Heygere (BEL) in 2013New record : 7869* points by Maren Schott (GER) in 2013
*(awaiting approval)*(awaiting approval)
15.02.2013 : Good news for the statistics ! Maren Schott has created new lists about Women Icosathlon. Have a look on the World Records or on the National Records ! Thank you Maren !
-->  A new Facebook page is available at : https://www.facebook.com/IAUM.org  <--
24th IAUM World Championships will be held in Yeovil, Sumerset (GBR), 24-25th August 2013

07.10.12 : 3 new world records achieved in Yeovil have been officially approved. There are 3 women who realized ​​the first Double Decathlon in their age category. Congratulations to :
Nicola Baker (GBR, Gateshead), W35, new world record holder with 6010 points.
Ruth Bird (GBR, Worcester), W45, new world record holder with 5805 points.
Vicky Bright Garamukanwa (GBR, Southampton), W50, new world record holder with 5575 points.
Word Records totals available here : http://www.icosathlon.net/ultrawr.txt
24.09.12 : Last Double Decathlon 2012 has been very well organized in Yeovil (England) on 22-23rd September.
        Yeovil final results 
2012 Yeovil 3000m 
3000m start under the rain (like the whole Sunday)
2012 Yeovil Seniors men
Seniors men (from left to right) : Ben Thompson (ENG), Mark Andrews (ENG), Rhys Llewellyn-Eaton (ENG), Cédric Bouele (SUI), Neil Edwards (WAL), Bilen Ahmet (ENG), Tyron Fowler (WAL, hidden), Alastair Stanley (SCO, back).
2012 Yeovil Masters men
Masters men (from left to right) : Pete Clarke (ENG), Nicholas Walker (ENG), Geoff Butler (ENG), Stuart Richards (ENG), Glyn Price (WAL), Nathan Baker (ENG), Derek Warn (ENG), Esa Paukku (FIN), David Reay (ENG), Nathan Kitchen (ENG), John Dickinson (ENG), Andy Smerdon (ENG). Missing : Reidar Zapf-Gilje (NOR). 
2012 Yeovil Women
Women (from left to right) : Rebecca Mulley (ENG), Nicola Baker (ENG), Vicky Bright Garamukanwa (ENG), Ruth Bird (ENG). 

    2012 Delft all 
 8-9th September 2012 :
11th Double Decathlon of Delft (NED)
2012 Delft men 
From left to right : Neil Edwards (GBR), Pete Clarke (GBR), Kevin Klomp (NED), Joni van Loon (NED), Cédric Bouele (SUI), Lee Manvell (GBR), Sijmen Liefting (NED), Heiko Strüber (GER), Lukas van der Storm (NED)
2012 Delft women   
From left to right : Laura Groenendijk (NED), Nikky van Buuren (NED), Kate Happee (NED), Marit Bakker (NED), Bonnie Liefting (NED)

10.08.12 : Outdoor Men TOP-100 List by event has been graciously updated by Lukas van der Storm !
24.07.12 : Women statistics (TOP-100, National & World records) have been graciously updated by Maren Schott !

N E W S :  (July 2012)
PETER CLARKE : An icosathlete as a torchbearer !
Peter has been selected to be a Torchbearer in the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay by Lloyds TSB.
Pete has been a qualified Track and Field coach for over 45 years with schools and clubs, and in 2010 was invited to be President of the Dorset County Athletics Association. Although he supposedly semi-retired 2 years ago, he continues to turn up every week on Club Nights to coach the youngsters, many of whose parents he also coached. He has organised numerous competitions, including the National Schools Cross Country Championships at Budmouth, and officiated at countless other events in the South West. Other successes include many years Team Managing for Dorset Schools, and as Race Organiser for the Weymouth 10. He has competed in over a hundred marathons and ultras, including 17 Londons, and currently holds the world best Veteran Age Group score for the One Day Icosathlon. Pete has given a huge amount to the community and carrying the torch would be a wonderful way to thank him.

L A S T    C O M P E T I T I O N :
23rd IAUM World Championships 2012 (Icosathlon & Tetradecathlon)
30th June & 1st July 2012, Turnhout (BEL)
Full results available on the following link : http://www.ico.rietvelden.com
More updated information on : http://www.facebook.com/events/271204966264621

N E W S :
65420 FULL-LNDThe American Ashton Eaton (who is already the world record holder of indoor heptathlon) broke the world record in the decathlon during the U.S. trials held in Eugene (June 22-23). 
The new record is 9039 points against 9026 points achieved in 2001 by the Czech Roman Sebrle.  
 Eaton WREaton PBSebrle WRSebrle PB
100 m10.21 (DB)*10.2110.6410.64
Long Jump8.23 (DB)
Shot Put14.2014.7415.3316.47
High Jump2.
400 m46.7045.6847.7947.76
- Day 1 -4728 pts  4675 pts  
110 m Hurdles13.7013.3513.9213.79
Discus Throw42.8147.3647.9249.46
Pole Vault5.305.304.805.20
Javelin Throw58.8758.8770.1671.18
1500 m4:14.484:14.484:21.984:21.98
- Day 2 -4311 pts  4351 pts          
DECATHLON9039 pts 9026 pts 
*(DB) : Best ever in a decathlon
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